I Survived Seattle (Coming About)

I Survived Seattle (Coming About) - J.K. Hogan I liked this book. It was light despite Justice's serious ""issues"". I use quotes, because the guy has diagnosed conditions. And he kept dismissing them as ""issues"" in a way that bothered me. Not bothered me about the book. I think the dismissals were true to character, and it worried me for him. Things build up for him in his mind at an alarming rate.

This was a definite case of insta-lust and possibly insta-love. I didn't necessarily trust those elements. There are examples with each character where something is a no-go or never before and suddenly it's ok because FEELINGS. That didn't ring true, and I think it's what keeps me from going higher in the stars.

Also, Rich. Super stereotype secondary character/basher/asshat who is...ugh. There's not much to say here that wouldn't count as spoilery, but suffice it to say, I'm not that interested in the next book. Some characters aren't meant to be redeemed.