Other People's Weddings (Petit Morts)

Other People's Weddings (Petit Morts) - Josh Lanyon This is disappointing. I'm enjoying this series, and I'm enjoying the Lanyon contributions most...until now. I really liked the characters and wanted the story. This wasn't a story. It was a prequel or an extended prologue, at best. It's the meet-cute without the cute because history. Dirty, messy history. And we don't get to see all of it. In fact, the extent of the history is murky at the beginning, it seems awful, and then it's what unites them in the end? No. There's not a ""the end"" for this story. It's just an ellipsis that will never conclude. I'm frustrated by this self-contained non-story. This is the perfect example of why it took me many stories to find my fangirl-itis for this author's style. I'm invested in the characters and poof. They're gone.