Hell on Wheels

Hell on Wheels - Z.A. Maxfield I was...mostly bored. That pause you read? That's about how I read this book. The characters and story barely held my attention. Nash felt...sort of whiny. I thought his family commitments must be due to some failing of others to step up. No. Not really. Spencer's divorce and ex situation was...not what I expected. While his ex is, in fact, a total tool, I was really annoyed to realize some of the relationship history and how it related to the current situation.

I had a generally hard time connecting all around to this story. Add in some editing and timey-whimey issues (that also occurred in the short sequel in the [b:Lights, Camera, Cupid|24520101|Lights, Camera, Cupid (A Bluewater Bay Valentine's Day Anthology; Bluewater Bay #6)|S.E. Jakes|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1421380264s/24520101.jpg|44119631] antho), and this book barely worked for me. Some cute scenes kept it from being a total wash.