BAMF - SJD Peterson This book is a mess. Unequivocally.
For starters, it's not a toppy librarian and ink & pierced misfit AT. ALL. I read the blurb. I read the sample. I was NOT PREPARED for gunfights and ""romantic suspense"". But let's say for a moment that I was or that I was ok with the abrupt change is story direction. I WANT rom suspense. What the hell was this? Not that, I'm telling your right now. Even if this book was marketed correctly and had a cover not full of books, I'd still give it 1 star. Because ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The climax was so anti-climactic, even the characters said it. I'm not pulling your leg. He SAYS it's anti-climactic. Well, gee whiz, thanks for pointing out the obvious, Alex, and while you're at it, could you throw another ""sly grin"" at us?

So that's my second big complaint. Sly and smug. Over. And. OVER. I checked, and my kindle says the word ""sly"" shows up 9 times. I'm not sure that's accurate; it felt like every other page while I was reading. Add the overuse of ""smug"" and now we've got a d-head character that I don't even want to like. So that's Alex.

Ridley, OTOH, is a his own mind. And don't worry, he'll keep telling us. If you for one second went into this NOT knowing BAMF, never fear! We shall be bludgeoned over the head with the words and the comparison of who exactly we're supposed to find to be the real badass. Not that the author ever explicitly defines BAMF...because that would be OOOOOBVIOUS. *rolls eyes*

Where was the editor on this one? I'm starting to notice a pattern with this publisher, and it's discouraging.

ADDITIONS: Somehow I left these in the pocket of my ranty pants the first time: Cocksucker. Why yes, I know *I* always expect that kind of slur from a gay MC when he beats the hell out of the gay-bashing gang that came at him. Because that's just perfect. And Ridley calls himself a girl and teen girl every time he has a mushy feel. So that wasn't at all insulting as a female reader.

Ok. I should be done with this review now. But rest assured, if any other lint-like pieces fall out of my pants, I'll dump them here.