Running Wild

Running Wild - S.E. Jakes 2.5 stars
This book is a touch erratic. There are a lot of things happening and a lot are in Sean's head. The entire story is from his first person POV. I had a hard time getting into it. It's not a typical badass biker boys book. Ryker isn't an alphahole despite initial signs. That said, it's a long book for minimal development. I walked away knowing very little about, is that even his real name? Is it a first or last name?

I think my biggest gripe is the relationship development. It may be spoilery though so...
It felt like the bulk of the relationship happened in the months before the start of the book. Sean spends the almost 300 pages of the book figuring out that Ryker was dating him the entire time they've been sleeping together. Only somehow Sean had missed all those signs. ALL OF THEM. The book STARTS with an all but anonymous fuckfest. Only IT'S NOT. I don't know if this is because we're in Sean's head or if it's because...yeah. I got nothin'.
Don't get me wrong; there's hot sex. There's just not enough internal relationship stuff for me. There are plenty of external issues though. And it's neat how those all seemed tied up at the end.

I was interested by the gender dynamics. I found myself questioning the behaviors of both Sean and Rush at various times, but then I realized the actions were likely true to character. My issues were invalid and based on institutionalized gender norms that my brain kept spitting out. I like that the author made me question my thoughts even when it was uncomfortable.

Overall, disappointing story. I was excited for this one, so the letdown is a bit more.