Daylight Again (Hell or High Water)

Daylight Again (Hell or High Water) - SE Jakes 4.5 stars
This was good. Very very good. I like the evolution of Prophet and Tom together. It's a great continuation of their story and the overall arc.

It was also a lot of confusing. And I'm so glad I was told to read DIRTY DEEDS before I started. So much Mal/Cillian tension that would have been harder to understand without reading DD. I do wish I'd re-read books 1-2 though. There's a lot of detail and twisty spy stuff that my poor brain couldn't remember. So I'll be re-reading all 3 before I get to 4...whenever that comes. Though I suspect DD 2 will fall in between.

I'm grateful, though, for the general lack of cliffhanger. It's an ongoing story, but at least I'm not sitting on pins and needles. THAT would make me stop until the series concluded.