Marrying the Wrong Man

Marrying the Wrong Man - Elley Arden It's soooo good, guys!

Ok. Squee over. But Charlie is the sweetest. And I LIKE MORGAN! I know; I can't believe it either. Who knew that super biotch cheaty McCheaterson could be redeemed? But she IS! She's a great mom and a good person. FINALLY.

The thing I really liked was that the transformation wasn't quite miraculous. She still needed to come to terms with some things and learn a bit of self-sacrifice outside of motherhood. But I like her. And I think you will too.

Charlie. *dreamy sigh* Oh, Charlie. He's a temperamental kitchen diva with tattoos and chocolate cake. What more do you want?

There were some mushy timeline issues, and I would have enjoyed some more steamy moments, but overall this is a great HEA for 2 characters I wasn't at all sure SHOULD have a HEA in Crashing the Congressman's Wedding.

I received an ARC of this story from the author.