A Pixie's Tale - Rebecca York, Nicole Luiken, Jody Wallace, Cindy Spencer Pape, P.G. Forte, Angela Campbell, Veronica Scott, Janni Nell, R.L. Naquin, Jax Garren My first impression was that this was a cute story with funny inner monologue by Delphie. By the time she and the hero are fighting off "bad guys", I decided she may be TSTL. It's hard to give a full review without spoilers, but I'll try. Delphie's nearly manic swings between TSTL and "almost a genius" (according to some tests) moments were utterly infuriating. Then there was the hero's secret mission which was wholly unbelievable. I was left wondering why certain characters didn't know about the secret mission, how he accomplished his goal, and what in this world is "quenching". Too many big questions at the end of a very short tale.