Defiance (Defiance, #1) - Stephanie Tyler This book is really more 2.5 stars for me. I'm rounding up, because I have hope for the future of the series. My biggest problem was dialogue. Nearly every conversation between Caspar and Tru had me wondering what in the world just happened. They talk in circles around each other while saying how much they need the other to come clean with them. And Caspar's speech patterns drove me nutty. No one else in the book spoke like him, not even the other badass biker dudes he grew up with. If you're familiar with the characters, he came across as a mutant version of Stacia Kane's Terrible and Kristen Ashley's Hawk. In addition, I didn't see much character development. Honestly, I didn't see much development at all. Tru has to decide to stay or go. Caspar has to decide to keep her or...kill her, I think. So much of this felt, well, underdeveloped. I've seen some criticism of the violence. Those bits didn't bother me so much. Maybe I'm just jaded. I think this dystopian world and MC club needs changing and so do many of the characters. In order for the reader to see the need for revolution, I think the violence has to happen. We need to buy into the need for massive change. I have hope for this series still. It's the first of a hopefully complex and full world. I enjoyed having Mathias's perspective and voice, and I'd like to see books featuring him and Bishop. Much like the pilot episode for some of my favorite tv shows, the 1st in some of my favorite book series are the least likely for me to re-read.