Not quite

Warrior's Cross - 'Madeleine Urban',  'Abigail Roux'

I'm a huge fan of the Ty and Zane books by Abigail Roux. I enjoy Julian and Cameron together. I first saw them together in Armed & Dangerous. I liked seeing their story told on its own in this book. That said, I wasn't completely enamored with the way Julian is with Cam. He lies. It's for everyone's protection, but it bothered me. There's a lot of vague, and I found myself frustrated with Cameron for ignoring so much. He seems a bright man, and he was suddenly madly in love with a stranger. That was difficult to believe. As far as Cameron's life, where is he from? Does he have family? I understand the need for Julian to be super-shady, but why can't we know more about Cam's life? I found myself questioning that throughout the book. For as long as it is, it's very light on character development details.


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